Hypnobirthing for pregnant women

Do you want to experience the magic of giving birth and have a more positive, fearless and calm birth and welcome your baby into the world in a loving and […]

The importance of first aid if you have a baby at home

Written by Ana García, midwife and writer at ContectaConTuMatrona Being parents is an adventure that puts us to the test every day, in every way. We have to have all […]

The age for nursery school: when should I take my child to escoleta?

One of the questions that parents ask us the most is when is the ideal time to take the little ones to daycare . Many think that the year before […]

Benefits of learning English from a young age

What Parents, the logical thing is to want your children to learn English and more languages. But, maybe, you think that he will learn it at school, that there is […]

Psychopedagogy in the escoleta: what is it for?

For a few years, psychopedagogy in the escoleta is gaining more and more importance in the development of children in their early years. This is because psychopedagogues are the regards […]

Different plastic activities for preschool children

The funniest moments in the escoleta are when they play plastic activities. The colors, the shapes and the materials catch the children’s attention. In addition, they enhance their imagination, your […]

The advantages of taking your child to the school

Am I or am I not taking my child to school? Will it be good for the little one? Will he have a bad time if he is far […]

What is heuristic play and what is it important for?

The heuristic game is a playful activity by means of which the discovery and the children’s experimentation during their early childhood. It can introduce from 12 months to 2 years, […]

Learn to eat at the escoleta

What it is obvious, all parents want their children to eat the right way So what learn to eat well . However, this is not always the case. Sometimes mealtime […]

The importance of the family-escoleta relationship

Family and School are of great importance in the education of children. The family is the main agent in the educational process of the children during the first months of […]

Native English at our Nursery

Listen to this story and play it with your 0 to 3 years old toddlers

I am pregnant: when and how do I choose a escoleta for babies of months?

Photo: Ruth Vicens First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! You are about to bring a new little person into the world, so it is normal that you […]

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