Tips for a good adaptation of children to the escoleta

Tips for a good adaptation of children to the escoleta

The process of adaptation of children to the escoleta It can be difficult, both for them and for the parents. For this reason, it is important to prepare children well so that they feel safe and comfortable with the separation.

On Koala Escoleta , we know what to do so that you do not have a bad drink when the time comes. Therefore, we give you some tips to ease the process for your son.

Anticipation for a good adaptation of the child to the escoleta

It is important that notify in advance to your son. To do this, stand up to him and tell him that he is about to start a new adventure. Ideally, tell them a few months in advance, and if possible, mark a date on the calendar to count the days. Of course, you always have to talk about the escoleta in positive terms .

Thanks to this, you will be able to mentally prepare for the separation, even if you are not aware of it. A very good idea is prepare with him the materials he will need for the escoleta. Buy the bib, backpack, etc. together. If he sees you with illusion , you will feel that you are preparing for something good.

Another tip, if possible, is to take him to see the escoleta to tell him that this is where he is going meet new friends and learn many things . If a brother, cousin or friend comes to our escoleta in Palma de Mallorca It would be a good idea to come pick it up and tell your son that he will be able to be with his friend here. If he sees that it is a positive experience for other children, he will also want to participate.

Farewell cannot be missed

It is very important to say goodbye of the little one. What would you feel if your child suddenly disappeared? Well imagine what he will feel if, when he turns around, you are gone. You have to say goodbye properly. The ideal way to do it is, again to catch up with them, and dedicate some words of affection .

What’s more, assure him that you will come back for him within a little while. If you leave in a distraction, he will feel abandoned. This can make him afraid that you will suddenly leave other times and cause him to never want to lose sight of you again. If you say goodbye, even if he cries, he will know that you are leaving but that you will come back to pick him up.

If you have more questions about your child’s adaptation to the escoleta, Contact us to advise you. At our escoleta in the industrial estate of Son Castelló , we will be happy to do everything possible to make your child adapt perfectly.

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