Psychopedagogy in the escoleta: what is it for?

For a few years, psychopedagogy in the escoleta is gaining more and more importance in the development of children in their early years. This is because psychopedagogues are the regards of analyze the development of the little ones , and detect Learning problems. Early detection of these types of problems can help them to be completely corrected.

At our escoleta in Palma de Majorca , we have a psychopedagogy service so that the development of our students have an optimal follow-up.

The work of the educational psychologist

The psychopedagogue is a professional who has specialized in child development. And what exactly does it do? Mainly, it is responsible for studying the evolutionary development of the child, guide both families and educators , and carry out activities that help to correct learning problems. In your work with children, you will check and study the child’s attention, his relationships with friends and family, the use of language, and more aspects such as psychomotor .

To the analyze the child’s development , I know will make sure this is correct. And, in case of detecting any anomaly, the psychopedagogue will be in charge of giving guidelines to parents and educators to face the problem.

What’s more, listen to parents’ concerns , since they are the ones who know their children best. If you have doubts, the ideal is that You share them with the psychopedagogue so that he can advise you. Will give you advice on how to deal with tantrums, behavior problems, etc.

Why is psychopedagogy so important in the escoleta?

Because it is an essential element in the detection of possible problems. The sooner learning failures are detected, the sooner we can get down to work to fix it. In addition, he will advise families how they should proceed to help their children .

On Koala Escoleta We know the importance of psychopedagogy in childhood, and because it is included in the monthly payment of all the boys and girls of the school. If you want to know a little more about the subject, get in touch with us and we will advise you.

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