Different plastic activities for preschool children

The funniest moments in the escoleta are when they play plastic activities. The colors, the shapes and the materials catch the children’s attention. In addition, they enhance their imagination, your creativity, and helps express their emotions and feelings . Before being able to read or speak, the child can express himself in the colors he uses, the lines, the figures he creates, etc.

Of course, the little ones don’t can do the same activities as older adults . Create drawings with sense, with colors that match and without coming off is something that children under 3 little ones usually do not get.

However, the important thing is that little by little they learn to handle their tools (hands, pencils, etc.) and enjoy while doing it . And that’s why, from our escoleta in Palma de Mallorca , we give you some activities so you can practice with your children at home. Prepare to get lost!

Finger painting

With this activity, the little ones they can unleash their imagination and learn colors and shapes. First, simply stamp your hands full of paint (suitable for children) on a paper . Also the yolks, roll the fingers, and whatever you can think of. The older the child, the more complex may be the drawings with the hands.

Rip and cut papers

With this activity, the child will know the role and how does it work. Also, you can create all kinds of shapes while ripping. Just start by ripping a sheet of paper in half and making it more small. Later, you will be able to do shapes like clouds or elements geometric . And, when you have some dexterity in your hands, you can do the same activity, but with round tip scissors.

Waxes and crayons

Give him some crayons and let him have fun on paper. It doesn’t matter if it’s tiny that I can hold the waxes is enough . At first, it will only make strokes and lines without order or meaning, and use all colors that come to mind. From the age of 2, you will better control movements and will create more complex figures. Don’t forget to stick it on the fridge when you finish drawing! Do you dare to try these activities with the smallest of the house? Is a great way to increase parent-child bond and share time together . At our escoleta in the polygon Son Castelló we practice these plastic activities and many more. Contact us with us Y ask us!

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