Why want to work at Koala Escoleta?

Susana , early childhood education teacher, coordinator of the center and working at Koala for 10 years, wants to tell future early childhood education talents why they chose our school as a place to train and grow in their profession and vocation.

“Koala has given me many opportunities to grow as a professional, since they are always up to date with new courses, workshops or events that allow me to acquire new knowledge and put it into practice on a day-to-day basis in the classroom. These advancement opportunities are fantastic as they allow us to advance our field.

I am passionate about my work and I love learning new things for the little ones to enjoy and experience in the most attractive and meaningful way. From a very young age I already knew that my passion was teaching and caring for children and my dream came true when I started working here. Being able to love those children as if they were yours, supplying all their needs, giving them affection and love; being able to establish that beautiful bond between teacher-student, since this stage is so important for their development.

It is also necessary to create a safe environment. My work is recognized daily through a simple look or smile from a child, when you see that they are happy and that fills me so much that it makes me come to work happy every day, wanting to teach and learn from them, who are without a doubt an example. As Maria Montesorri taught us “From the child himself he will learn to perfect himself as an educator.”

Every time we have families that are much more demanding with the teaching of their children and this allows the entire teaching team to work daily on attractive and rich activities for the children, where without a doubt, they learn by playing. Our methodology is based on the fact that the child is the center of their learning. In the classrooms there are different play corners and it is the child who chooses what to play, always with the look of the educator in case he needs our help, he is the center at all times. It is necessary to keep in mind that “Any unnecessary help is an obstacle to their development.” -Maria Montessori.

Koala is without a doubt my second home, where I feel fulfilled professionally and personally, and I encourage both those of you who are starting an internship as a higher technician in early childhood education and a teaching degree, as well as those who already have long experience, to choose us for your professional development.

To be successful in Koala, you just have to give a lot of love to each little one, challenge yourself every day to think of new ways to give them value, educate them, help them with respect to develop physically and socially, and that they go to school full of self-esteem and happiness.” kocaeli escort

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