Why is it important to teach psychomotor skills in the escoletas

Why is it important to teach psychomotor skills in the escoletas

As parents, knowing all areas of children’s development is essential. When they are young, they must not only learn to walk, speak or read. In addition, they must learn to control their own body and express their emotions. For this, the psychomotor skills in our escoleta in the Son Castelló polygon plays a fundamental role.

What is psychomotor skills?

Psychomotricity is a discipline that helps children develop their motor skills, creative and expressive through the body and movements. There are two variants within psychomotor skills, the thick and the thin . The first handles large movements. Those who use the legs, head, back or arms. Within this variant, children learn to walk, run, crawl, and move around in general.

Fine motor skills, meanwhile, are responsible for precise movements. Those that the child performs with his hands, or with several parts of the body at the same time. They are actions that require more coordination and precision, such as cutting, coloring, holding objects, etc. It usually begins after one year, as soon as the child has a little more control over his movements.

Why is psychomotor skills important in schoolgirls?

The reason why psychomotor skills in schoolgirls is very important is that it has a lot of benefits for the little ones. And, in addition, you can avoid later problems when they grow up. Therefore, it is essential to teach it from the time they are babies.

At a cognitive level, children learn to concentrate, develop creativity, and improve memory and learning ability. Regarding motor development, psychomotor skills increase balance, control posture and, above all, help the child to know his body and its capabilities.

Finally, at the socio-affective level, children learn to relate to their peers and to feel safe with their emotions and feelings. In this way, it is easier for you to overcome your fears and raise your self-esteem. Psychomotor skills help strengthen your personality.

At Escoleta Koala, we know all the benefits that this discipline brings to children, which is why it is a fundamental part of our program. Ask us and we will tell you more about the psychomotor program of our escoleta in Palma de Mallorca.

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