Benefits of learning English from a young age

What Parents, the logical thing is to want your children to learn English and more languages. But, maybe, you think that he will learn it at school, that there is time. However, it is shown that the brain of children at an early age this more prepared than ever to learn languages .

For that, in our Koala escoleta in Palma de Mallorca , we tell you all the benefits of your children learning English in the escoleta.

They learn English in the escoleta more easily

Since we are born up to 4 years old, thousands of neural connections are formed, and thanks that, our brain is an information sponge . For this reason, in this stage is easier to learn languages. We learn it unconsciously, without the need to study voluntarily. Simply, is being implanted in Our brain , just like Spanish or Catalan does.

Besides, his pronunciation and knowledge of grammar will be much better, being able even be bilingual if taught correctly . The older we are the more difficult it is for us to learn new languages.

They are not ashamed to practice

This is not something new, as parents, you know that children have no shame at all. Y that’s a great advantage. How many adults know some English but are given ashamed to speak it? That does not happen with the little ones, and therefore, will not have impediments to practice the language and speak it with confidence .

Advantages for the future

For Of course, if you already know the language, when you get to school, institute or university, is a subject that will already have passed . And not only that, already that you will have a significant advantage when looking for work in the future, in addition to being able to travel to any country and be understood.

May know more cultures, and have access to more media. That comes back to people more open and tolerant. You will be able to make friends that you might not otherwise be able to. All of this will provide you with a higher cultural level when older .

At our escoleta in the Son Castelló industrial estate we offer trilingual instruction. Your children They will learn Spanish, English and Catalan with us. If you want to consult us about our language program, do not hesitate to get in touch with U.S.

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