The age for nursery school: when should I take my child to escoleta?

One of the questions that parents ask us the most is when is the ideal time to take the little ones to daycare . Many think that the year before entering school is fine, and others think that the younger the better. And both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, we already know that many times, it is not optional. Sometimes, work or other obligations make it difficult for parents to choose their child’s daycare age . So read on to find out when you can bring your child to us. We will wait for you!

What is the ideal daycare age?

Experts indicate that the perfect age to bring children to daycare is between the first and second years. After all, with a little over a year old, the little ones usually begin to walk and manage by themselves when playing. And they even say their first words! So it is an ideal time for him to come into contact with other children. But, as we have said, sometimes it is not possible to choose. For this reason, at Escoleta Koala we have children from four months to three years old . And bringing them as babies also has its advantages!

The benefits of taking him to the nursery from babies

To begin with, the sooner they begin to interact with the world, with other children and with other adults, the better their ability to socialize will develop . Thus, they can play with other children in their age range, they learn to respect the rules, to share, and much more. konyaaltı escort

On the other hand, thanks to our menu of healthy homemade food designed by nutritionists, they will learn to eat everything from babies . Little by little, we will introduce new textures, new flavors, and your baby will get used to eating what is put on the plate.

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of bringing them from a few months is that, when it comes to making the change to school, they will have already adapted to going out and socializing . Think that the older they are, the more accustomed they will be to staying at home. So making the leap to school with the older ones will mean a more drastic change for which they have not been prepared, and it will be more difficult for them to adapt.

So now you know, it doesn’t matter if your child is a few months old, or if he already talks, walks and plays. At Escoleta Koala, we take care of it so you can rest easy . And if you want to know more about our method, read here !

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