Hypnobirthing for pregnant women

Do you want to experience the magic of giving birth and have a more positive, fearless and calm birth and welcome your baby into the world in a loving and peaceful way? Hypnobirthing is the answer.

Childbirth is a transcendental event, a transforming event, a rebirth as a mother, father, family. The birth of your baby marks you for life, it is a memory that will always be with you. Therefore, it is important to be able to live it in a positive way.

Hypnobirthing is an evidence-based childbirth preparation that will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to face the birth of your baby in an informed, empowered and fear-free way. You will learn the importance of staying calm for a physiological delivery and have the best possible experience in your circumstances.

hypnobirthing pregnant women palmaIt is important that you come accompanied by the person who will accompany you during the birth, as it is essential that he/she knows the process and the resources to help you in an active and respectful way. Although you never know what labor will actually be like, having these resources will allow you to face the process with peace of mind, even if it doesn’t go as you had planned.

The main goal: To have the best birthing experience possible in your circumstances.

In childbirth anything can happen. You may have imagined or wished for something in particular, but you never know what it will actually be like. Having these resources will allow you to live the process calmly, even if it deviates from what you had planned.

If you want us to accompany you in this sweet wait, Escoleta Koala collaborates and gives the space to the midwives of the maternity center “Centre 1 Més” and interested families to conduct the workshop in the escoleta, located in the polygon of Son Castelló for two sessions of one day, always on weekends, with easy access and parking. Contact the 1 Més center here.

Written by midwife Andrea Capó, trained in the hypnobirthing method with “positive childbirth” and “wise birth“.


Opinion of our Director Koala pregnant and attending Hypnopartition

“Andrea gave us above all confidence in ourselves, in our body, that it naturally knows the way to give birth, just like our baby.

At the beginning it is something that you think can not be easy, it is something unknown to you and more being the first one where you are afraid of what can happen and how it can happen. It is something that you have never lived, it is something that you think about every day, you think about the unforeseen events that can happen, when it will arrive… but through Andrea’s explanations and examples you will understand everything that can happen, how you can react, how you can cope, different tools in case one of them does not work for you at the moment.

Andrea has a lot of experience as a midwife, super understanding and super sweet, she can explain the same thing a thousand times in different ways so you can understand, I think she is a great help and you can see her vocation.

I have always thought that knowledge is power, it gives us a security in ourselves to have control of our birth, to know what we can ask for in childbirth, to have a respectful birth, what tools can work for us in every moment to have a positive birth and enjoy that unique and incomparable moment that is the birth of our baby, whatever the birth procedure is.

My partner does not usually enjoy very much the typical trainings that you receive in the PAC that are usually of old methodology…in that I mean that the PAC trainings are usually theoretical for an hour without more current methods or tools that can help us much more…on the other hand she enjoyed Andrea’s training because it was different, refreshing, and she made everyone participate, both couples and moms, with all the tools and examples that we can put into practice during childbirth.

Andrea perfectly combined theory with practice, we really enjoyed it and felt prepared for the big moment, we recommend it to all families who are expecting a baby. Thank you very much Andrea.”

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