The advantages of taking your child to the school

Am I or am I not taking my child to school? Will it be good for the little one? Will he have a bad time if he is far from us? When putting children in the school, it is normal for parents to have these doubts. After all, it is usually the first time they have separated from their children. To remove all your worries, in Koala Escoleta We tell you all the benefits of bringing your children to our escoleta in Palma de Mallorca .

Escoleta in Palma which has benefits?

First of all, the first thing your little one will learn is to not depend so much on parents . We already know that this can be a bit tough for adults, but you are going to have to do it as soon as you start school. It is better for him to get used to when he is little, that at 5 or 6 years old he will not be able to spend a few hours away from you.

In addition, you will be in contact with children of your age, which will help socialize and make friends . The child will learn to to share , to play with respect to others. And, in contact with other children in the learning process, he will also want to learn. Will learn to eat on their own, to move and express themselves, to interact with children and adults, among many other things.

As for the advantages for parents, the first is clear. Escoletas offer the opportunity to better reconcile work and family life . We know that work hours are sometimes not the most suitable. But, if you leave your child in our hands, you will know that it’s well taken care of while you’re gone . Finally, you will also know that it is well fed, since our homemade food offers a balanced and varied nutrition.

So do not hesitate, and trust us to leave your child in our escoleta in the Son Castelló industrial estate. On Koala Escoleta We will see to it that your child is fantastically cared for and very happy. You won’t want to be separated from your new friends !

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