I am pregnant: when and how do I choose a escoleta for babies of months?

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First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! You are about to bring a new little person into the world, so it is normal that you begin to wonder about the escoleta to which you will take the baby. How to choose nursery for month-old babies? What must be taken into account? There are several factors that should influence your decision. In addition, we are aware that for pregnant women, during pregnancy, the idea of leaving their child with another person is difficult. And much more after delivery; it is normal that the family does not want to be separated from the baby. But for that we are at Escoleta Koala, to help you and give you the peace of mind you need after pregnancy. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Factores que tener en cuenta al escoger la escoleta para bebés de meses


It is important check the minimum and maximum age that nurseries accept . Think that, if you have to leave it from a very young age, you will have to find a nursery for babies of months. You will also find nurseries for babies one and two years old only. At Escoleta Koala, we have children from four months to three years old, so count on us!


Many parents think that it is best to be close to home. But the important thing is that it is close to work . Remember that the little ones are at the school during your working hours, not while you are at home. So, if necessary, you can get closer more quickly if it is close to where you work.

-Instalaciones y método

Once you have verified the above, it is time to see what kind of education the escoleta offers. Check their educational program , the “extras” they offer (activities, teaching methods, etc.). It is also important that the facilities have all the security measures .

In our escoleta, the motto is « demands more from zero to three year education », So we have a holistic educational program for each stage growth of children. We adapt so that you learn at your own pace and in a complete way with our Montessori method . In addition, we offer English and psychomotor so that they develop these skills from a young age. Likewise, parents will be involved with our talks, workshops , and much more. Finally, we have a homemade food menu designed by nutritionists so that they do not lack anything.

-Otros aspectos importantes

Finally, we know that postpartum separation is difficult for moms. You have been with your baby since he was born, and it is difficult to leave him in the hands of other people. Thus, we strive so that you are aware of everything that happens with your baby from when you leave it with us until you come to pick it up. In addition, in our adaptation process, mothers will be able to be in the escoleta to accompany their baby during their first weeks, as well as being able to assist them with breastfeeding or any other need.

But hey, this usually happens more with gilts! If it is your second or third child, you will be more used to it to separation when they are babies. It’s something that has to happen! Think of all the things that help families leave their children in the Escoleta and the advantages that this entails . And if you want to know more about everything we offer for the care of your baby, Contact us and we will advise you on what is necessary.

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