Baby led weaning in la escoleta

As is often the case, fashions always come back. And something that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used to do has now returned with the name baby led weaning . This method is becoming very popular, and for good reason, as it has many advantages for children and families . Do you want to know what it is and what are its benefits?

What is the baby led weaning ?

The baby led weaning it is also called directed weaning or directed complementary feeding. And it is the process by which babies begin to eat whole, size-appropriate foods that are complementary to breast milk. The baby himself chooses them based on what he likes the most. But yes, not just any food is worth it. Must be those that you can grasp with your hands and can crush with your palate and tongue . In addition, they are chosen based on the nutritional needs appropriate for their age.

In other words, with this method, we present the baby with a plate with foods such as boiled vegetables or fish, soft fruits, etc. And he / she chooses the ones he / she wants and takes them with his / her hands to eat them . Likewise, adults do it while respecting the hunger of the child, they do not force them to eat. The WHO recommends starting complementary feeding at six months , and that is when this method should begin. muses escort

What are its benefits and how do they apply to the escoleta?

First, the little one learns to recognize his hunger, since he stops eating when he is satiated . Also, children are not forced to eat, so they are unlikely to develop any food aversion. At Escoleta Koala, if the family requests it, we do the same. We let the little one eat when he’s hungry, but always with supervision . If the baby is not ready to eat solids from our nutritional menu (normally between 0 and 1 years old), at Koala we give the food that the parents bring us. This can be from breast milk, boiled broccoli, etc. We prepare, serve and monitor it.

On the other hand, by eating food of the right size with your own hands, eye-hand-mouth coordination develops rapidly, and psychomotor skills improve . Likewise, they eat healthier, since the ideal foods for this method are fresh and natural, not processed. Likewise, in our escoleta we give children the food that their parents provide us and in the form in which they bring it to us at the ages of zero to one year. Therefore, they will always monitor their diet, in addition to informing you of the amount they have eaten through our digital diary Baby Control .

So it’s a great idea to start with this method, and At Escoleta Koala we are here to help you . Check our educational project to know more about us.

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