The importance of nutrition in children and babies

The importance of nutrition in children and babies

Eating well is essential throughout life. However, during the growth stage, good nutrition in children and babies is of vital importance . During the first years of life, food will affect the development of the baby, its growth and its health.

On our escoleta from Palma de Mallorca , we know that nutrition plays a prominent role in during this stage. And for that reason, we tell you why the feeding of the smallest of the house is so important.

(H2) A good diet in the first years of life

During childhood, eating habits are established and routines. If this is not done correctly, later on they will be very difficult habits to change. In addition, it is a stage in which the body needs all kinds of nutrients to grow.

It is recommended that, from 0 to 6 months, the basic food of the baby is the breastmilk . From it, the baby can extract everything necessary to stay nourished and develop properly. But what do we do after 6 months?

During this new stage, we have to gradually introduce solid foods . This is not to say that we get rid of breast milk, WHO (World Health Organization) recommended for use up to two years or even more. However, it is important that children get used to eating solid food and extracting nutrients from other sources.

Food like fruits and vegetables , cereals and egg yolk are perfect for this stage. We can also introduce meat and fish, starting with chicken and turkey meat , and white fish. Later, we can pass fattier meats such as pork and beef. And, after the first year, blue fish.

Consequences of poor nutrition in children and babies

In addition to harming the baby’s growth, poor feeding will cause lack of vitamins and nutrients . This lack of nutrients necessary for proper development can cause diseases that appear at any time of the adult stage.

In fact, cholesterol, diabetes, or even obesity can be caused by a poor diet during childhood . Hence, the nutrition of children and babies is so important. The consequences of child malnutrition can cause imbalances throughout life.

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