Marc’s mother’s experience – The week of the protagonist of a Koalita

Monday 7 am, today is a very exciting day: it is the week of the protagonist of Marc! He will love it!

We go to the Escoleta equipped as every Monday, but also today, we take the photo mural that we have prepared with great enthusiasm. We have put his photos of baby, with mom, with dad, with grandparents, with the cat … On the way in the car, Marc looked at the mural super happy. I imagine that sensing what is going to happen, since his friends have already done it.

escoleta palma mallorca koala

I just want you to send us the photos by whatsapp to see your face during the day! Later the photos arrive, his tutor shows me how Marc exhibited the mural. He has been ashamed but there is a photo that reveals the illusion that has made him see himself … he is caught red-handed in game time looking at himself in the photos.

escoleta palma mallorca koala escoleta palma mallorca koala

During the week the protagonist helps his tutor to distribute the waters to all the companions. Marc, in his own way, knows all the names and even recognizes who each bottle of water belongs to. He sure enjoys helping her very much.

escoleta palma mallorca koalaThe best of everything about the protagonist’s week is to go one day to hang out in the yard with them. My experience has been wonderful. When my little one saw me there, he froze, as if in disbelief. Then he grabbed me and wouldn’t let go of me. Then he relaxed and enjoyed teaching me everything he does in that time of his life that he does not share with mom and dad …

I keep his face, that face of happiness, but not the usual happiness, but a plethora of happiness, I was out of myself, and that time, that time, that memory is mine, it is something that remains etched in my heart and It is thanks to the Koala schoolboy. Thank you so much for experiences like this.

escoleta palma mallorca koala


Written by Paula Villalonga – Mom Koala


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