Advantages and disadvantages of the Montessori method

Advantages and disadvantages of the Montessori method

At the end of the 19th century, Maria Montessori created a new method of educating children . With it, children have freedom in their own learning and adults become mere guides who provide a suitable environment.

Several escoletas are applying the Montessori method in Palma de Mallorca. But is it the best for our children? From our escoleta in the Son Castelló industrial estate , we tell you the advantages and disadvantages to apply it.

Pros and cons of the Montessori method in Palma de Mallorca

  • Freedom in children: This discipline offers the child complete autonomy over their learning. They decide what they want to learn . This is beneficial as it increases your independence.

However, the lack of limits can cause the child to reject them when he is older, causing even bad behavior and rebellion.

  • The learning pace: they decide it themselves. They learn by taking their time. If a topic gets stuck, they will spend more time than another that they are better at. They will not be forced to learn at the same pace as the rest of the class .

This is beneficial, but it also has a downside. By not competing or learning with children their age, there may be a lack of motivation. Therefore, you may stay lagging behind the others .

  • Knowledge to be learned: As we have mentioned, it is the child who decides what he wants to learn, therefore, they do not assume more than they can. They will learn what is easiest for them, therefore they will retain it better and they will not be saturated with information .

The downside is that, by deciding it themselves, some basic knowledge can be lost on the way . Some may be necessary, but they are not interested and do not learn them.

Should I educate my children with this method?

It’s up to the parents , and it depends on the way you want to educate your children. Done correctly, it can be beneficial. If not, it can generate various problems.

However, it must be taken into account that, for it to work, you have to adapt the family home . And also, higher education does not offer this program, so it will be a sudden change when it comes to entering the university and having to adapt to the current educational system.

On Koala Escoleta We do not apply this method 100% but we do value many elements of the method and apply it to our education model, but we want to know your opinion. Have you ever applied it? Contact us With our escoleta in Palma de Mallorca and solve all your doubts.

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