COVID-19: Escoleta Koala Will Not Charge Families During A Possible Closure

Dear families, we are aware of the uncertainty you have when considering whether or not to start the educational phase of your babies and take them to the school, or if you should wait a little longer to see if everything passes, vaccines come out, etc.

From Koala we want to give you a little peace of mind and confidence so that you do not delay the education of your little ones and that they begin to interact with others their age as soon as possible, play and learn. For this we communicate something that our families already know:

  • Escoleta Koala will not charge the monthly fee during any new period of closure by the government / autonomous community.
  • We strictly maintain security measures since we re-opened in June
  • We have presented our contingency plan to the Conselleria and GestIB, as it belongs to the complementary network of public escoletas of the Balearic Government, CEI and Authorized.

Thus, the educational and dining part of the days that we do not open, will not be charged (or will be returned) according to the closing time. In the same way it would apply to the month of reopening. Let’s not let this situation delay the development of children.

Again, thank you very much for your trust and responsibility both outside and inside the educational centers.

escoleta palma mallorca koala
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